Last month we held a seminar on transformational resilience. Kathryn hosted two incredible speakers who are experts in this area, Jean de Bruyne and Judith Jamieson.

Jean de Bruyne -Jean is a director of QED Services which provides high-quality professional psychologically based services for large organisations including public sector health boards, professional service organisations, banks, exporters and government departments. Jean holds a double major in Psychology and Education and a Masters (Hons) in the field of Education. She is a Registered Psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

Judith Jamieson – Judith is a senior global executive, formerly the People Capability Director at NZTE as well as the Regional People and Culture Director SE Asia World Vision. Judith is now consulting and coaching and is the Director and Founder of Thrive At Work.

Transformational resilience is about adaptation. Facing a world of constant change, global turbulence and day-to-day pressures, takes a toll on our well being. Some issues are big: climate change, political unrest or globalisation. Some issues are smaller: paying the bills, sick kids or relationship struggles. Our state of health is constantly challenged by these compounding factors; we face tension and sometimes unnoticed creeping levels of stress. Our discussion focused on how we can transform these challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Our conversation about transformational resilience took a look at a proactive approach to managing the barrage of stuff going on in our lives. We spoke about how we can look at adversity as an opportunity to grow, in particular the value of a dash of self-awareness and mindfulness. Facilitated by Kathryn, both Jean and Judith shared personal stories and how they coach strategies to cope and, better still, to thrive!

Kathryn believes adversity offers us the chance to ‘Bounce Forward not Back’. Reframing the situation, taking a look with fresh eyes, can be transformative for individuals and organisations. Our audience chimed in with questions and thoughts for our guests.

We received this lovely feedback from Ryan Macnab from Partners Life:

“Another awesome morning of inspiration, connection and insight – thank you so much. I always walk away from a Blue Sky interaction (be it a meeting, a coffee, or a session like this morning) having learnt something. What an awesome gift that is for you to share! Congrats on another fantastic breakfast.”

And this lovely note from Kara Thomas, the People and Organisational Development Manager at The University of Auckland

 “Thanks for the invitation and the opportunity to be inspired by Jean and Judith, so many take-aways from the session but top of mind 

  • Reiterating that through acknowledging our own vulnerability we become more engaging leaders
  • Embracing all parts of ourselves and our experiences including the negative aspects enables us to be more self-aware, present and resilient
  • When we as leaders thrive – our teams thrive”

Thank you all for coming to our event and the wonderful feedback, we hope we have planted some seeds to grow transformation resilience in your home, workplace and mind.