We are facing a new world of work. Digital technology has changed when, how and where we work. The number of organisations tapping into resources remotely and utilising co-working hubs or shared spaces is on the rise.

Flexibility allows us to work when we are energised, when we are available, and when we feel like it! This means we are more productive, the quality of the work increases and we are happier! No commute, no interruptions, hallelujah!

We had Laura Peri,Vice President at Goldman Sachs, ER/HR Operations, join the Blue Sky Conversation on the increase in flexible workplaces. She is based in Auckland and she works from home and reports to the London Head Office.  Laura shared her story about how she manages her virtual role and how she also managed to get promoted while working as a virtual GM of HR.We love this!

There are many factors forcing the change. Globalisation, new technology, environmental pressures, as well as new styles of communication and interaction drive work flexibility.

The possibilities on the horizon for work efficiencies are endless. Accessing remote staff, utilising a workforce that spans continents and time zones, and tapping into skills and ideas across cultures is exciting. Long distance collaboration is possible and work-life balance is easier to achieve. Digital natives desire freedom, being mobile is important and doing meaningful work is important.

Laura told her story and offered an exciting insight into the future of work. It seems the future is not only bright, but it is mobile, flexible and fun!

Image: Laura Peri  – Vice President at Goldman Sachs – ER/HR Operations