Building a sales team to support your brand

Our approach to sales and marketing recruitment starts with understanding the brand. An organisation’s brand values and brand ideals provide the roadmap for finding the right people. The brand sets the guidelines for cultural fit, clear direction and aligned thinking within a team. We continually look for people who understand this alignment, then we work hard to place them where they will thrive.

Introducing Cathy Stewart

We are privileged to have Cathy Stewart on board the Blue Sky Recruitment team. Her successful 20+ years in the premium fashion industry working with a variety of global brands across retail and wholesale environments provides her with a unique view of successful recruitment. Her career is punctuated with managing projects involving product launches, team formation, brand establishment and market penetration. Successful outcomes require a capable team; one that is keen to tackle a project with the right commitment and attitude. These are attributes Cathy recognises in an instant. She has an immense appreciation for the power of people, the art of which lies in smart recruitment to form a team.

“None of it can happen without having the right people in the right place.”

Cathy has seen first hand the importance of finding the right people to support strategy; she believes to be successful, individuals within high performing teams should have a sense of responsibility as caretakers of a brand.

“I’ve walked in the client’s shoes. I’ve built teams for store and brand launches from the ground up and I know how to find the right people for that journey. It is crucial to have people who will represent the brand and grow with it. I’ve had the benefit of working in the organisational structure, so I understand senior management and what they expect from their team.”

Recruiting for potential

Cathy works with clients to actively recruit for development potential.

“It’s not just about building a team. It’s about growing and developing a team. It’s also about getting to know candidates as individuals and understanding what the journey is for each of them, and what their career path could be. To see beyond what they are doing now and see where they could fit in to an organisation’s future.”

 Here at Blue Sky Recruitment one of our specialist areas is sales and marketing. We work closely with businesses to identify key objectives and then together we shape up roles for contract, permanent or temporary sales and marketing opportunities. We work with a broad range of industries, large multinationals or SME’s, and we strive to have experts in our business to help you find experts for your business.

We work hard to find unique talent for our clients and we know how to articulate opportunities to candidates. It’s about building credibility and a good network to ensure we can always find the right fit. We start by listening.

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