About Blue Sky Recruitment

A Fresh Approach

At Blue Sky Recruitment we are a down to earth bunch; we are passionate about finding talent for New Zealand organisations and helping people.

Our curiosity drives us to find the right person for the right role.

Although we work across many industries and various sized businesses, we have specialist knowledge in several key areas. Our heritage is learning and development; however, we have an extensive network and depth of knowledge in human resources, training and the tertiary education sector.

We love working with emerging technologies, digital business strategy,
system implementations, and the future of work. Our team has an in-depth understanding of: Education, Maori, Sales and Marketing, Change and Human Resources sectors.

Most importantly, it is how we go about recruitment that makes working with us a little bit different. Our approach is dynamic, rather than reactive, and we love the challenge of finding the best fit for the businesses we partner with.

What is our Fresh Approach?

We start by listening

Our fee structure is different.

We believe that the true value of our service is realised as the candidate adds value to your business.

This takes time.

When you partner with Blue Sky Recruitment, our support and advice doesn’t end when the candidate starts in the role. Our success fee is invoiced in monthly instalments for up to 12 months, which means we are invested in the successful performance of our candidate.

The details

  • The role must be exclusive to Blue Sky Recruitment
  • Success fee is a percentage of annual salary to be discussed with your consultant
  • For Salaries over $100k the fee is split equally over 12 months
  • For Salaries under $100k the fee is split equally over 6 months
  • If Employment is terminated for any reason the monthly fee will cease.